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How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

As we approach the holiday season I wanted to wish you and yours a healthy, peaceful and happy time.  I always use the holiday period to think about the year ahead and do some planning.  So, I am wondering if you are also considering making some changes in your life in 2018?  Maybe you are considering changing career, starting your own business, becoming healthier and fitter, re-vitalising or changing your relationship or even filling a void left by children leaving home? Where ever you are now, the start of the year is a great moment to take stock and make…


What NLP can offer Managers Supporting Staff with Mental Health Issues

For many staff these days, there is no such thing as a lunch-break, e-mails come in at all times of the day and night and the laptop is routinely packed along with the holiday suitcases.  The impact of this ‘always-on’ culture and the pressures of work on staff are often avoided by managers unable to deal with the mental health issues that this environment can create.  The ultimate aim is to develop a culture where open and honest communication is encouraged and where support and respect are the norm. Yet, this is can be a huge challenge for many organisations…


Do You Have Teams that are Under-Performing?

Many teams are dysfunctional.  Maybe in your team there is a lack of trust that causes members to be secretive and protective over their budgets and other areas of responsibility.  Or perhaps they avoid conflict leading to a lack of openness and honest feedback. In contrast, an effective, productive team is a winning formula which sets an organisation apart from its competitors.  Creating a team that fires on all cylinders requires commitment and dedication by each team member.  Nurturing a cohesive, committed team, which plays to everyone’s strengths, fosters a positive environment where all members thrive leading to improved results….


How to Undertake a Successful Culture Change Programme

  I am being regularly asked how to go about changing a toxic organisational culture. We have developed our own tried and tested approach to culture change developed over many years of working with clients to deliver the holy-grail – a sustainable culture change initiative that delivers long-term change. Achieving cultural change is a difficult and lengthy process but it can be achieved with adequate leadership resolve. It’s a 4-step process: Step 1: Align Culture with Business Strategy It is important to define what kind of organisation do you want to become? The mission, vision, values and behaviours that align…


Is Neuro Linguistic Programming Old Hat?

Recently, I was challenged after a key-note presentation I gave about the benefits of NLP and how it can change your life.  Someone came over and challenged me by saying ‘Isn’t NLP rather old hat these days?  I was rather taken aback as I have used NLP as my tool-kit for change with individuals and teams since I began my NLP journey in 1997.  However, this comment got me thinking. NLP is now 40 years and we have developed a whole raft of tools and techniques that can help anyone improve individual and team performance. These can be applied in…


Attitude 8: I’m Certain of My Success

What if you could be as certain about the future as you are about the past? To know for sure that the goals you have set for yourself will happen just as you have planned?  This 8th and final Attitude helps you to become 100% certain of the success that lies ahead of you. Let’s re-visit the goals you set for yourself in relation to the first Attitude (‘I live my life on purpose’’). What I want you to do now is to choose the goal which, when you achieve it, would make the biggest difference to you in your…


Attitude 7: I Take Time for Me

This Attitude is all about time. Do you embrace time as your friend or your enemy? Are you someone who often says, ‘I don’t have time for this’? If you are someone who experiences time as a scarce commodity that there is never enough of, then you are creating a completely different personal reality from someone who perceives that they have all the time in the world. Your world is likely to be much more stressful.  Maybe you have even experienced some of the symptoms of stress such as breathlessness, panic attacks and high blood pressure. Deepak Chopra, the world-famous…


Attitude 6: I Like Myself

Attitude 6 is about adopting a holistic approach to wellbeing.  The objective is for us all to feel good about ourselves and to be proud to look in the mirror and say: ‘I like myself’. The Healthy Mindset In Attitude 2 (I create what I want), we learned about the power of our thoughts. In fact, because we create our reality, it’s really important to focus on what we want to achieve and create for ourselves. This is particularly important in the area of body image. So what damage are your current thoughts doing to your body? When you think…


 Attitude 4: “I Am True to Myself”

I wonder what changes you would make in your life if you were being truly authentic to who you are at the core of your being?  Are you stuck in a job or career, relationship or place that is holding you back?  You know that you are not spending your time being, doing, having what you really want. Yet, you stay stuck in that place I call the ‘Grey Zone’.  It’s that comfortable yet uncomfortable place where you exist knowing that you could do so much more with your life.  The main thing keeping us stuck in a rut is…


Attitude 3: “I Know Who I Am”

This Attitude is all about finding out what you are passionate about, because doing so goes a long way towards helping you re-discover your sense of self and your love of life.  Or to help you discover it for the first time.  After years of prioritising partners, families and careers, many people lose track of who they are. It’s almost as if we have given so much of ourselves to others over the years that our true self has become diluted and, for some, unrecognisable. This can lead to a lack of confidence, assertiveness and independence that prevents us from…

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