1 day Introduction to NLP

Change Your Life with NLP

1 Day Seminar: 23rd June, 2018 from 10.00 – 4.00

Why attend?

Would you like more out of your life?

Lindsey Agness wrote a best-selling book ‘Change Your Life with NLP’ which has sold over 50,000 copies and has been translated into many different languages.
This 1-day seminar teaches you about many of the key themes in the book. It gives you an insight into the power of NLP and how it can create fundamental changes in your life.

What specifically will I learn?

· Understand the power of NLP and what it can do for you
· How to take control of your life and responsibility for what you really want
· How to change your thoughts and focus on what you really want
· Learn about the beliefs you have that have held you back and what to do to change them
· How to reduce the stress in your life

How do we work on the day?
· All our seminars use accelerated learning techniques and are highly interactive


Price: £82.50 + VAT (£99)
Eventbrite - 1 day Introduction to NLP Seminar

What if I decide to attend?

This seminar provides an opportunity for you to experience the power of NLP in a supportive environment for a small investment. It provides a great introduction to the NLP Practitioner programme if you decide to take your NLP studies further.

And, I wouldn’t want to suggest that you may find it changes your whole life!

Where is the Seminar held?

We have chosen the beautiful Hythe Imperial Hotel. With its stunning views of the English Channel, luxurious décor and extensive grounds, the hotel has plenty of areas to explore and space for you to relax and unwind during break times. Why not treat yourself and stay over at the venue too.

Seminar Leader: Lindsey Agness

Lindsey Agness, the founder and managing director of the Change Corporation, Leads the seminar. She is one of the few female Master Trainers of NLP and she works with individuals and organisations all over the world. She has written four best-selling books about how to create change in your life and your organisation.

The Change Corporation - Lindsey Agness Books

Eventbrite - 1 day Introduction to NLP Seminar


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