Attitude 3: “I Know Who I Am”

This Attitude is all about finding out what you are passionate about, because doing so goes a long way towards helping you re-discover your sense of self and your love of life.  Or to help you discover it for the first time.  After years of prioritising partners, families and careers, many people lose track of who they are. It’s almost as if we have given so much of ourselves to others over the years that our true self has become diluted and, for some, unrecognisable. This can lead to a lack of confidence, assertiveness and independence that prevents us from…


Attitude 2: “I Create What I Want”

Now you’ve identified what you really want out of life by working through Attitude One ‘I Live My Life On Purpose’, it’s time to take your first steps towards making it a reality. This means you’ll need to take control of your thoughts and take responsibility for your own future. The power of thought Two of my favourite sayings are “thoughts become things” and “you can never be more than you believe is possible” and here they are especially apt, as the first step for many people is the realisation that there is more going on with their thoughts than…


Attitude 1: “I live my life on purpose”

In the latest series of blog posts I am introducing the concepts behind The 8 Attitudes to Success and over the next few weeks, I will be focusing on each of the ‘8 Attitudes‘ individually. So let’s start with number 1. Attitude No. 1: “I live my life on purpose” This is all about regaining focus and living your life with purpose and passion, knowing that you are living your life and career in a way that is important to you. When you live your life on purpose, you’re stepping out of the ‘grey zone’ and retaking control, making decisions about…


8 Attitudes for Success

  As a business consultant, I have always enjoyed using models to simplify complex situations making them more manageable. Firstly, a model provides a framework to improve our chances of success and secondly, it presents practical approaches to help us to change our lives. Whilst I have been inspired by Stephen Covey’s model of the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, for many years I have wanted to create something that is relevant in today’s world and where I could add my own knowledge of NLP to develop a model of personal and professional change for you.  It is for…


Believe You Can – Conquering Limiting Beliefs

“This ability to conquer oneself is no doubt the most precious of all things sports bestows” Olga Korbut, Four-time Gymnastics gold medallist I have been mesmerised by the Olympics.  Each day we share the experiences of Olympians from every discipline you can imagine.  Yet they all have one thing in common.  Whether they are a synchronised swimmer or a marathon runner each person believes in the possibility of winning a gold medal.  However, what is important is that it is not just our abilities and talent that bring us success but whether we believe in our potential for success. This blog…


What’s the link between purpose, happiness and results in business?

I’ve recently had an opportunity to challenge my own purpose in life and to consider the interesting question of whether there is a connection in business (and life) between Purpose, Happiness and Results.I have been researching ideas by other writers such as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, world famous psychologist who wrote the book ‘The State of Flow’ and the causes of happiness, academics such as Paul Hannam and coach Mickey Feher who recently wrote on a similar topic. I was shocked to find a survey by Gallup in 2013 found that a massive 71% of US workers are not engaged or actively disengaged…


How do you drive employee engagement?

1 in 2 employees have left their job to get away from their manager at some point in their career. What drives employee engagement? In a resent study published by Gallup called State of the American Manager Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton writes that organisations fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for the manager job a whopping 82% of the time. That is a horrendous big number and it means that only 18% of existing managers have the high talent required for their role. The reports title can be misleading to the reader as the report is based on over four…

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