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Creating the new normal

The Change Corp CARE model

How is your time in our new normal going?

We have been getting into a new routine which has been surprisingly good. A run or a walk every day, playing games with the kids, experimenting with yoga and immersing in innovation to stay ahead of the curve. We even went to the theatre as the National Theatre is streaming live at 7pm every Thursday evening. Well worth a watch!

While COVID-19 will eventually be managed, and many will eventually return to the office, the impacts of the pandemic will be lasting. We in Change Corp have been working hard to come up with how we can best help you, your people and your organisation going through this challenging time. CARE is a model with services helping you and your organisation get through the change curve, from crisis, through adapting to recovery.

CARE is developed on the basis of the feedback we have gotten from you, our clients. One client contacted us to organise Crisis Coaching for their managers, to get them through what we have called the crisis zone. Other clients are looking at how they can create virtual High Performing Teams or engage people through the change curve.

At Change Corp we understand the difficulties and stresses that this storm is having. We also see the opportunities that these events present to change agile organisations. Let us know how best we can support you, and feel free to get in touch to discuss where you are right now, in the crisis / adapting / or recovery zone.

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