Culture change.
For good.

The Change Corporation

We help shape and facilitate culture change, delivering clear and lasting results.

We join you

We work on site arm in arm with your team developing a collaborative, impartial understanding and revealing cultural insights on an individual and organisational level.

We embrace you

Our experience and vivacity help develop and nurture a co-creative environment for your team, illuminating underexplored areas and playfully challenging accepted norms.

We help re-shape you

We quickly deliver tangible changes working to our proven modular framework built around evaluation, insight, planning and skills transfer.

One person at a time

Collective cultures evolve through changes in individuals, whether they’re a member of the board or a manager on the shop floor. We plant the seeds of organic cultural evolution, one person at a time, inspiring and enabling key individuals to embrace and enact change, evolving a self-sustaining culture from the inside.

culture change
leadership development

South And Vale District Council

We have been working with this client since Autumn 2017. Initially to run an organisation and change readiness review then engaged to deliver the recommendations coming out of that process.

These recommendations included designing and cascading a leadership development programme to their Senior Leadership Team, then to their Service Managers and now to all Team Leaders.

Google Norway

The change management awareness training we provided for Google sales and marketing in Oslo had enabled them to become even better change consultants for their clients.

Our programme delivered unique tools, proven methodology and valuable insights that Google put to use immediately.

change management training
leadership programme
custom change management methodology
delivery training


We worked with ING to quickly develop a custom change management methodology to use with major change projects, delivering a clear and pragmatic methodology and an army of people trained to use it.

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think change

What future for the 5 year plan when whole industries are transformed in months?