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In a hybrid world of work online learning has never been more important 

Dr Michael Reilly is a qualified Psychologist and Director at Change Corp. He has previously worked with NHS and public sector organisations on transformation projects such as digital patient pathways, managing change, online mental health services for patients and online education portals for GPs.

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A number of neuroscience research projects during the pandemic suggest that loneliness and social isolation is having a negative effect on our ability to learn. Some commentators suggest this is a consequence of “cognitive load” created by remote working which increases tiredness and therefore limits capability to learn. For providers of online learning this provides a new challenge. There is a need to be more holistic – learners who are asked to access online learning need to be encouraged to re-set their cognitive mode. This means addressing the factors that can mitigate cognitive “overload”. For example, having a wellbeing conversation in advance of online learning covering themes such as sleep patterns, hydration, diet, levels of anxiety etc.

When online learning is accessed – there must be key design elements. At Change Corp we design online modules with a multi media and multi method approach. We use video, but not just talking heads – real actors role playing scenarios (e.g. having a positive wellbeing conversation) and these actors reflect in gender and ethnicity the learning audience. We can also use gamification techniques to stimulate the learning experience and measurement tools to demonstrate that learning has been achieved.

A clear sign of a dysfunctional company or organisation is when people say they don’t have time for learning. Companies and organisations who foster a culture of learning will more likely adapt to the post pandemic hybrid world. Now is the time to “re-skill” and “up-skill”. But much learning will have to be delivered online – which before the pandemic was not the preferred way for learners to learn – in one survey just 13% of employees preferred online as a learning method.

According to the Fosway Group, 94% of businesses have indeed changed their L&D strategy; 54% think their adoption of digital learning is immature and 21% have implemented a “new” digital learning solution. 



Change Corp is skilled in implementing intervention that focus on team development for a new future, and which can directly address the content and delivery of learning for team leaders. For more information on our Team Leaders for the future programme book a demo in the link below

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