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 Pharma “Lead”?

Follow? Or Get out of the Way”?


Dr Michael Reilly is a qualified Psychologist and Director at Change Corp. He has previously worked with NHS and public sector organisations on transformation projects such as digital patient pathways, managing change, online mental health services for patients and online education portals for GPs.
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Like all sectors, the pharmaceutical industry is facing major challenges during the global pandemic. Some are new challenges such as cybersecurity related to vaccine development data, logistics, raw materials shortages or environmental considerations (e.g. using hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) gases to freeze vaccines).

But what are the implications for your leadership? Is there a need to revisit the leadership skills and mindset needed in the sector to cope with the new trends and challenges? What leadership skills are needed now to navigate this complex and changing landscape?

According to Centre for Creative Leadership research, current pharma leaders were rated lowest on their ability to confront problem employees. Respect for differences and putting others at ease were rated clear strengths — but are not among the top-rated competencies judged vital to success. The most important capability of all — building relationships — received the sixth-lowest score. Leaders clearly are underperforming in many of the skills areas deemed most important to the industry.

The conclusions of the Deloitte Global Trends survey (9,000 respondents worldwide), brings us back to the Change Corp purpose – creating a learning journey to inspired leadership!

In terms of organisation readiness to change – wellbeing was seen as the most important issue (80%) but only 12% of respondents were “very ready” for this and 38% “ready”. Wellbeing drives improvement in workforce experience than any other business outcome.

During the pandemic Change Corp have helped clients address the issue of wellbeing, opening up wellbeing conversations or tough conversations as a key team leadership skill.

Change Corp is committed to supporting leaders.  An important part of this is to survey how your people are doing. Pretty important work in these troubled times. Recently, we have supported Johnson & Johnson with Syneos Health on their North American Virtual Leadership Summit with a focus on Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team. We are doing similar projects with our UK Public Sector clients, generating rich data on the overall wellbeing and resilience of people within the organisation.

If you feel we can help you and your organisation re-set some of the leadership skills within your organisation contact me directly for an informal chat. I attach a link to our Team Leadership for the Future brochure which shows the core learning modules we deliver and then customise to meet client needs (online or face to face). If you are not the person in your organisation to address the leadership challenge, then I would be grateful if you could pass to the appropriate person in your organisation.

Contact me for more information on our Team Leaders for the Future programme and how we can help you build high performance teams.

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Change Corp is skilled in implementing intervention that focus on team development for a new future, and which can directly address the content and delivery of learning for team leaders. For more information on our Team Leaders for the future programme book a demo in the link below

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