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We help leaders manage the now and inspire the new, balancing the rigour of efficiency with the vigour of continuous innovation.

Leadership: rigour and vigour

We’ve delivered hundreds of intensive leadership development programmes, executive offsites, and targeted in-company capacity building and coaching projects around the world.

Working closely with senior leaders we’ve seen roles change dramatically – from a singular focus on increasing profits by enhancing efficiencies to now simultaneously optimising their current business model whilst inspiring their company to innovate the next one.

Leading with rigour and vigour can be a precarious balancing act. Vigorous hunger for risks and innovations that could redefine how your business creates value for customers and shareholders must be simultaneously balanced with rigorous discipline and pragmatism to achieve operational efficiencies and implement leading practices in the current business model. This talent for ambidexterity is a core attribute for future leaders. And at present it’s highly unusual for leaders to excel at executing on both fronts.

We also see many leaders struggle to translate personal learning and insight into collective action at a team level through engaged and motivated staff. In the digital age it has never been more important to bridge the gap between vision and action for the leader.

Change corp combines skills in neuroscience, psychology, staff engagement, digital change and pragmatic project planning to design and deliver challenging (often life-changing) leadership intensives that provide new skills for the digital age and ongoing support and regular reflection to drive and support sustained change.

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What we can offer you

Personal assessment

Where are you now?

We start the process with each participant taking a number of well-known personal and leadership assessment profiles. This includes our proprietary Rigour vs. vigour assessment, providing a customised and bespoke learning analysis for each individual with targeted recommendations.

Blended learning interventions

Action-oriented change learning.

Learning from personal assessments informs design of a programme of development sessions – usually a mixture of longer face to face and bite-size online sessions. 

We can develop these for the senior team of the same organisation or for Mastermind groups from different companies.

All these programmes are designed to create energy and motivation for change, develop new skills and behaviours. They are action-oriented with clear commitments and accountabilities.

Targeted development and coaching programmes

Learn specific skills to enable effective change.

Coaching can be exceptionally helpful to find ways to practice and keep things accountable. At a minimum, it is an opportunity to prioritise regular reflectionin the weeks that follow each intervention in an often crowded diary. 

It is very often the coaching that makes the difference between vision and action. 

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