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Using the Employee Lifecycle as your roadmap to Employee Engagement

When your organisation counts more than 150 people, it becomes increasingly important to make sure you have a solid framework in place for your employees’ lifecycle; from a good onboarding experience through to the exit interview.

If employees thrive in the life cycle they go through in your organisation, statistics show this can increase your organisations’ profits.

The advantages of having a framework for the employees’ lifecycle is amongst others

  • You avoid new employees spending most of their time looking asking their colleagues for information thus creating a disruption in the work flow
  • Employees expect governance when they enter companies of a certain size. Yes they like to shape things and they also want to avoid inventing the wheel for 1-1 conversations, employee interviews, hiring, firing and more
  • It creates a feeling amongst the employees that they are cared for and it is especially important for the brand of the organisation even after the employees’ exit

Do you have an Employee Lifecycle framework in your organisation? 

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