organisational change

Are you happy with the direction of travel in your organisation? Are your staff engaged and motivated, focused on customers and driving profitability?

We help organisations make effective, project-based change.

Managing change effectively

Our change engagements typically begin when something isn’t working on the people side of a client’s organisation – capability, capacity, leadership skills, culture, engagement and / or organisation design for example.

A high level organisational change review is the foundation of every assignment. Our other core offerings (leading digital culture change, developing leadership capability and developing high performing teams) all include elements of organisational change. 

We have found that our OC projects have followed a similar cycle over the years which we include here. It is quite common for any of our other core services to be part of the ‘project’ solution that we eventually recommend.

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What we can offer you

Organisation review

We undertake an assessment of the current situation using a survey tool followed up by focus groups and 1:1 interviews with senior staff.

We have our own survey tool based on the Mckinsey 7S model. This ensures we cover all key areas of the organisation. We present a report of our findings and recommendations

Projects change management

Key interventions are agreed to be taken forward.

We have our own change management methodology that we use to ensure success by providing:

  • Change delivery plan
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Communications strategy and delivery plan
  • Internal change ambassadors
  • Key performance indicators

Evaluation of project success

We provide regular updates and briefings to our key stakeholders against the KPIs that have been agreed.

Towards the end of the project we re-run the original survey to measure how far the organisation has shifted.

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