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The Underappreciated Role of Middle Managers in the UK

In recent months, as there have been indications of a potential economic downturn, numerous companies have announced layoffs as a means to reduce costs, and middle management has frequently been a common target.
The Harvard Business review also reports that through their years of advising clients and conducting research on workforce trends, they have observed that this critical organisational layer often experiences significant reductions.

In the face of these profound shifts, middle managers will assume a critical role

Regrettably, the term “middle” suggests that the individual in this position is merely passing through on their way to higher roles, ideally reaching the top.
However, McKinsey argue that middle management should not merely be seen as a transitional phase but can actually be a final destination in itself.

How to Navigate a Culture Change

Over the past few years, there has been a remarkable transformation in the definitions of work culture, which essentially refers to “how things are done here.” Numerous elements like processes, technology, workflows, and training have been undergoing significant modifications as leaders strive to adapt to global pressures and fulfill the evolving expectations of employees.

Supporting Middle Managers in The Hybrid Workplace

One of the biggest challenges faced by leaders is how to provide the best possible support to their employees, especially mid-level managers who directly support their teams. According to the UK Economist Impact Report – nearly all survey respondents (98%) want to or already have rethought their office space or deployed hybrid working technologies. In addition, 71.5% were looking to increase their spending on digital workspaces.

Digital culture change – a model for leaders

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