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How to sharpen your inner game

by Lindsey Agness | The Leader Spotlight Podcast with Annette Klososky and Addison Price.

How to build capability for change

by Lindsey Agness | The Maverick Paradox Podcast by Judith Germain

Why is it so hard to change behaviour – and how to solve the challenge

by Lindsey Agness | Change Management Review Podcast by Theresa Moulton.

What Does It Take To Shift Behavior?

by Lindsey Agness | Change Out Loud by Adnan Ali.

How to make lasting changes in a post-Covid world

by Lindsey Agness | Leading People Podcast by Gerry Murray.

Change your organization

by Lindsey Agness | The Age of Organizational Effectiveness by Charles G. Chandler.


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Building Resilient Organisations

Recovering from disruption is difficult, but some organisations have managed to overcome and become even more resilient, thanks to a systems mindset emphasising agility, psychological safety, adaptable leadership, and cohesive culture.

How the Future of Work and the Role of Leaders is Shifting

As we return to the office full time, continue to work remotely, or adopt a hybrid of both approaches, one fact remains – COVID-19 and the restrictions it brought significantly transformed the way we work, where we work, and how we feel about work.

Top People and Change Trends for 2022

Coping with big challenges such making hybrid teams work and deciding when, or whether, to get people back in the office, have meant that leaders themselves have had to shift to become more agile themselves.

Here’s a few ideas about how to keep ahead of the change curve that is coming at you in 2022.

Digital culture change – a model for leaders

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