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Team Leaders for the future

An innovative online development programme for Team Leaders in new and evolving environments​

Help your Team Leaders meet new challenges head-on with our new online development programme

Covid era remote and flexible working has plunged Team Leaders into previously unknown territory. Many have found themselves unprepared and ill-equipped to manage physically separated teams, juggling the demands of keeping their people visible and positively engaged while empathetically helping with mental health and well-being issues.

For proactive organisations the Covid crisis presents opportunities to shape new, sustainable, high performing teams for the future.

Our Team Leaders for the future programme will take your Team Leaders on a development journey starting with themselves – developing their own empathy and resilience before moving onto leading individuals. They will learn essential skills and behaviours designed for leadership through the Covid 19 era and beyond.

An innovative online programme delivered by expert trainers

The Change Corporation have extensive experience designing and delivering bespoke face to face training in the private and public sectors over many years, with clients including Pearl Group in Europe and the Nordics, Symphony across Europe and India, and South and Vale District Council in the UK.

We have now adapted our programme content and delivery for the new era through our innovative online learning platform, change uni.

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Our Team Leader training centres on empathy, emotional intelligence and personal resilience, with excellent results. At one client, 75% of staff agreed that their manager’s people skills had improved post-training and that their Team Leaders had worked hard to improve levels of staff engagement.

‘’An expert team that developed a great rapport and programme that has already made a significant difference in our people skills to the benefit of our teams’’
A. Duffield, Service Director.

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Leading Myself – understanding, mindset, resilience and compassion.

Leading Individuals – coaching, recruiting, challenging conversations and inclusivity.

Leading Teams – communicating, innovating for performance, leading digital change and delivering success.

You can access Team Leaders for the future through a plan to fit your needs