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An innovative online development programme for Team Leaders in new and evolving environments​

Help your Team Leaders meet the challenges of hybrid working head-on with our online development programme

Over a year into the pandemic, the implications of how Covid-19 has changed how people will work from now on are becoming clear. A new hybrid world is emerging with more choices about where, when, and how they will work. Recent Gartner analysis shows that 46% of the workforce is projected to be working hybrid in future. The reality of Hybrid working also brings with it the risk of inequality via a two-tier system. HBR in its recent article called ‘What does it mean to be a manager today’ talks of three disruptive, transformational trends to challenge the traditional manager role.

The normalisation of remote working in more than 70% of manager – employee relationships will mean that these will become increasingly asynchronous with managers more focused on outputs and less on process. Acceleration in the use of new technology brings with it opportunities to automate many everyday tasks. And employees’ changing expectations around mental health and well-being mean a shift in the manager –employee relationship to be more emotional and supportive. These three trends represent a shift away from what employee are doing towards what employees are feeling. To step up and meet these demands, your managers will need to lead with empathy, be confident in having well-being conversations and creating high trust, safe environments. According to Gartner only 47% of managers are prepared for this.

Our Team Leaders for the future programme will take your Team Leaders on a development journey. They will learn essential skills and behaviours designed for the post Covi-19 world.

An innovative online programme delivered by expert trainers

Available through Change Uni, our Team Leaders for the future programme can be run from your platform or we have our own mobile app available for easy access by your mangers. Book a demo today.

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