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Technology Trends and the  challenge for leaders

Dr Michael Reilly is a qualified Psychologist and Director at Change Corp. He has previously worked with NHS and public sector organisations on transformation projects such as digital patient pathways, managing change, online mental health services for patients and online education portals for GPs.
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In a recent Mckinsey publication, the following statement made a big impression on me:

“In the past few years, astonishing advances in data availability and computational power have been laying a foundation for the rapid development and convergence of a number of new technologies that will upend almost every industry. We can see robots writing their own software or running “lights out” factories. Biomachines helping to restore sight to the blind and movement to the paralyzed. The implications for corporations are broad, to say the least.”

What is the required mindset of leaders so that technology trends can be exploited in a journey to achieve innovation and market success? Complacency is certainly not part of that mindset yet it can lead to disaster for organisations. History tells us that the bigger the organisation’s ego – a culture that exudes arrogance – often will lead to calamity and what an old boss of mine termed “disintermediation”.

For example, in the not too distant past, before Android and iPhones, BlackBerry was king of the phone market. In 2009, it was once named as one of the fastest-growing companies on the planet and, just 11 years later, it no longer even makes phones. So what the hell happened? How did a company as innovative and important as BlackBerry fail?

BlackBerry became the dominant brand in the mobile phone space during the first decade of the 21set century. It had business appeal and consumer appeal.

Failure was facilitated by Apple and the concept of the first iPhone, popularising touchscreen phones over phones with physical keys like the BlackBerry. Meanwhile, RIM was confident that people did not want to give up their QWERTY keyboards. There was no scenario planning, no counter innovation, no war gaming by Blackberry – just an unshakeable belief that the Blackberry “Titanic” was unsinkable! Furthermore, the

Blackberry unintended contribution to competitor success was also the fact that they trained the world’s population on the power of mobile email. The field had been ploughed and the Apple and Android harvest came about!

At Change Corp we believe that innovation in learning is key, as well as providing “rich content”.  We often use professional actors to provide clients with an immersive experience – be that for coaching their team members or running scenarios on managing digital change, innovation or understanding authentic leadership. We believe in multi-method and multi-media as a means to deliver learner centred learning.

If you feel we can help you and your organisation re-set some of the leadership skills within your organisation contact me directly for an informal chat. I attach a link to our Team Leadership for the Future brochure which shows the core learning modules we deliver and then customise to meet client needs (online or face to face). If you are not the person in your organisation to address the leadership challenge, then I would be grateful if you could pass to the appropriate person in your organisation.

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