Change compass

Flexible, agile mentoring and education for sustainable change

In an unprecedented time of cost reduction in both the public and private sectors, any external support needs to demonstrate value for money

Value for money means leaving a legacy in the organisation, a sustainable intervention that develops people within the organisation as part of the process, enabling them to maintain performance when the external resource has gone.

With this in mind we have developed the Change Compass™ – a flexible and agile service – that offers a mentoring and education approach to implementing change.  The Change Compass™ is a business and people orientated service, combining clear advice and guidance with financial and economic considerations.  Collectively our team has over 200 years of expertise on what works and what doesn’t in business and government operations, several have written books and worked for the major consulting houses.

Why consider using the Change Compass™?

Are you a manager :

  • With a change project to manage on top of your busy day job ?
  • In local or central government who has to deliver efficiencies fast ?
  • Needs guarantees not maybes or possibles ?
  • With a project that is under-delivering on results ?
  • Who lacks experience in what you have to deliver ?
  • Who has to resolve serious performance issues in your team ?
  • With a limited budget?

What is the Change Compass™?

The Change Compass™ is a flexible way of buying programme and change management services that is affordable to any organisation, even in the current climate. That’s because we coach and mentor you to deliver your project outcomes. Thereby, enabling you not only to deliver the results that are expected, but also to develop your own capacity to deliver other projects in future.

What if you were to use the Change Compass™?

  • We eliminate the problems associated with conventional consulting approaches
  • You keep total control of cost and outcome; no loss of management oversight
  • We guarantee our work or you don’t pay
  • We can flex according to the needs at the time; service based so driven by your peoples’ and business needs
  • There is always someone at the end of a phone line or email for you
  • All questions are evidenced and in formal responses
  • All questions are treated as unique, no boilerplate answers