Organisational change

We provide a range of organisational development services, including implementing change.

Projects with excellent change management effectiveness were nearly six times more likely to achieve project objectives than teams with poor change management effectiveness, 95% to 16% respectively

Prosci Benchmark report 2009 (575 participants from 65 countries)

Greatest obstacles to success:

  • Ineffective change sponsorship from senior leaders
  • Resistance to change from employees
  • A culture that is resistant to change

Greatest contributors to success:

  • Active and visible executive sponsorship
  • Structured change management approach
  • Employee engagement and participation

If people don’t change how they do their job, then it doesn’t matter what specific changes are implemented, you ultimately won’t achieve what you set out to do from the beginning”.

Our core specialism is our ability to work with leaders of organisations to define and manage transformational change programmes to achieve measurable benefits. These programmes involve defining the change vision, strategy and plan, effectively communicating the changes to key stakeholders to build ownership and defining and developing new skills and behaviours aligned to the change. We have worked for both the private and public sectors with experience in both strategic and operational roles.

We have developed our own proprietary change management methodology that builds on our Big 4 experience.