Feedback from organisations we’ve helped change – for good.

The Change Corporation worked with us incredibly fast to develop our own customised change management methodology

Online leadership summit

“The survey feedback was so rich and all managers got so much positive and opportunity out of it. It was great workshop.”
John Duke, National Sales Director US, Johnson & Johnson

“The Change Corp. did an outstanding job both designing and delivering the leadership training session on Building Effective Teams. In addition, they went out of their way to work with us on customizing surveys that brought significant value to the session. I believe this training took our leadership skills with our front-line managers to the next level.”
Kristi Cannon, National Business Director, Deployment Solutions, Syneos Health

Change management

“When Lindsey left PriceWaterhouseCoopers in 2005 she was regarded as one of our change management experts. She also led on the development of our global change management methodology’’.
Senior Change Management Partner PriceWaterhouseCoopers

“I would like to put on record how much I’ve enjoyed working with you over the last 9 months on the ‘Making it Happen’ change programme and in particular the personal support that you have given me during this period.  The workstreams we developed have added immense value to the business…and I know that all of the staff on the programme have spoken very highly of you…my further thanks for the excellent staff conference and the professional way that you ran it and engaged with 350 staff on the day.’’
Steve Wilson, Managing Director, Hyde Housing

Culture Change

The Change Corporation helped us to deliver a programme that brought together the views and aspirations of staff and members to identify a range or projects that have the potential to transform the way we deliver some of our services. We now have a clear process for embedding our corporate priorities into service planning, performance and development frameworks and, perhaps most importantly, an invaluable resource of trained and motivated facilitators that we can call on to support the future delivery of our business plan.’’
John Bunnett, CEO Ashford Borough Council

 “Lindsey brings an innovative and well thought out approach to managing change and delivering improvement. She is engaging, knowledgeable, challenging and asks great questions that make you think deeply. She is a great asset working with our team as we set about some significant challenges in the public sector.”
Dr Carlton Brand, Corporate Director Wiltshire Council

 “I have worked with Lindsey on several occasions; she brings innovative results focused solutions to managing change and delivering improvement. She is a creative thinker who has the ability to work with senior leaders, energising and enthusing them to develop higher performing teams, as she has successfully done in Wiltshire. Lindsey is currently working with my senior management team and is delivering excellent results in terms of team focus, visioning and strategy development. It is great to be able to work with someone as experienced, knowledgeable and inspirational as Lindsey as we set about addressing the current challenges in the public sector. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lindsey to my Local Government and Public Sector colleagues.”
Mark Smith, Director of Neighbourhood Services, Wiltshire Council

We knew we had to change “the way we do things around here” as a local authority, but didn’t really know how to embark on the journey of culture change.  The Change Corporation came in and helped us to clarify what our culture looks like now and where we need to move to in the future.  Our staff really engaged with the Cameron and Quinn culture change model that they used with us.  The results raised some interesting issues for us to consider.  We would not have got to this point without their help.  We would recommend them for culture change work.
Verna Connolly, Executive Manager, Personnel and Organisational Development, Hasting Borough Council.

Learning and development services

The session (bespoke emotional intelligence) was invaluable for the team as they had specifically requested such a session and many people have adopted the principles already. The session was very fast paced which was fine by me as we had a lot to get through and the booklets supplied were very useful too. With regards to the delivery style… The Change Corporation trainers succeeded in getting their messages across in a relevant and professional manner.
Senior Manager Kent County Council Education Service

“Lindsey Agness is a first class trainer for all levels of people”
Mark Dawson – Global Partner, People Change, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“The training is very powerful and I got a huge amount out of the course. It has really improved my self confidence. As a result of the training I felt enthused to pursue a promotion at work which I won… I would recommend the course to others who want to get the most out of life”
Joel Osborne – Senior Manager

“The training transformed my life. I set up my own business and I am now standing for political office”
Alison Williams – Politician

“Lindsey Agness is an excellent consultant. As HR Manager for the Engineering Organisation within the Group, I worked with Lindsey on a year long development programme for our high performers. Lindsey worked to devise the programme, implement it and make refinements as the programme progressed, as well as provide personal input to individual events. Throughout the period I worked with her, Lindsey’s dedication, resilience and customer focus were second to none. She is very easy to work with and her high quality input contributed significantly to the success of our programme.”
Karen Walkenden, HR Manager, Global Nuclear Engineering Company

“Universities face challenging times ahead and departments and faculties will need to become agile and impact driven if they are to increase their competitiveness. The Change Corporation offers tools and techniques that focus on implementing transformational change and achieving measurable benefits. ‘’
Director of Employer Engagement and Enterprise, Faculty of Health Sciences

‘’The session was invaluable for the team as they had specifically requested such a session and many people have adopted the principles already. The session was very fast paced which was fine by me as we had a lot to get through and the booklets supplied were very useful too.With regards to the delivery style… the trainer succeeded in getting her message across in a relevant and professional manner.’’
Senior Manager, Kent County Council

‘’Our trainer took a lot of trouble to talk the programme through with myself and another colleague beforehand to ensure that she tailored the session to our needs. This was particularly important as we had previously organised a training session ourselves which had rather back fired on us. We were looking to help staff to move on from a restructuring. They had all previously had change management training so this was not the main focus of the day, although it was important to recognise the changes had happened. Our trainer moved from this to planning how staff can make a difference / make things happen. At the end of the day all participants came away with actions to take forward. …The trainer was challenging but not in a threatening way so participants did not become defensive. This made it a very positive experience. The feedback from staff attending was positive. I would certainly recommend using The Change Corporation again.’’
Head of Service, Kent County Council