Culture change.
For good.

We help leaders harness the rigour to optimise the here and now, whilst simultaneously injecting the vigour to lead meaningful and lasting culture change.

With Coronavirus changing the way we work, how effective are you in managing a remote team? How experienced in home working are your staff? How resilient are you and your teams? What is the quality of the communications in your organisation?

At Change Corp we understand the difficulties and stresses that these strange times are presenting. We also see the opportunities that are emerging in the way we all work. We can help you, working virtually, to develop a resilient top team and organisation; to adapt to different ways of working, able to weather this storm; and be prepared for the next ‘shift’ that will hit at some point in the future.

We would love to be able to help you through these challenging times. We are offering free 45 minute coaching surgery sessions over the next few weeks to help you focus on what will bring you success. Call us or email us now to book your slot as we know these will be popular! Let us know how else we can support you. Contact us for an exploratory chat.

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We join you

We work on site arm in arm with your team developing a collaborative, impartial understanding and revealing cultural insights on an individual and organisational level.

We embrace you

Our experience and vivacity help develop and nurture a co-creative environment for your team, illuminating underexplored areas and playfully challenging accepted norms.

We help
re-shape you

We quickly deliver tangible changes working to our proven modular framework built around evaluation, insight, planning and skills transfer.

One person
at a time

We plant the seeds of organic cultural evolution, one person at a time, inspiring and enabling key individuals to embrace and enact change, evolving a self-sustaining culture from the inside.

Leading digital culture change

How ready are you to embrace and lead a digital culture change revolution in your organisation?

We assist you to define and implement a set of new digital values and behaviours that will future proof your organisation.

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Managing organisational change

How well equipped are you to deliver meaningful change that spreads throughout the organisation?

We work arm in arm with you to re-shape your organisation using our modular framework built around insight, planning, skills transfer and evaluation.

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Building high performing teams

How capable are your team leaders of building collaborative, trustworthy and engaged teams that perform to their full potential?

We facilitate offsites that strengthen bonds, increase levels of engagement and deliver innovative ideas and tangible changes – fast!

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Developing leadership capability

How well aligned are the skillsets and mindsets of your leaders to navigate the digital world successfully?

We design and deliver blended  learning solutions using targeted face to face, on-line and coaching resources to motivate and challenge your leaders to think and behave differently.

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Digital culture change – a model for leaders

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