Leading digital culture change

Digital transformation means profound culture change embracing collaboration and agile innovation.

We offer digital leaders monthly webinars, one to one strategy calls and tailored keynotes, workshops and off-sites that can help inspire and structure your journey.

Digital culture change – a model for leaders

Our paper on digital transformation explores values and behaviours for leading digital culture change.

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One minute intro

Lindsey Agness and Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe introduce the fast-paced world of leading digital culture change.

Five values

We’ve de-constructed what leaders need to focus on and how they need to behave to build a future-proof digital culture. Five values sit at the centre:

Obsess about customers – foster collaboration – be ethical and trustworthy – encourage exploration and innovation – and develop a data-driven mindset.

Obsess about customers

Digital organisations demand customer-facing structures, fast response times, tight feedback loops and high information efficiency.

We examine why customer obsession tops a digital leader’s agenda.

Foster collaboration

How will you lead when relationships will be at the heart of everything you do?

Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe on Cisco’s reorganisation to bring powerful change from collaboration.

Be ethical & trustworthy

Ethics connect the common goals of the organisation, internal employees and external stakeholders

Lindsey Agness explains why ethical leadership goes hand in hand with great digital business.

Enable exploration and innovation

A digital leader actively seeks out opportunities to disrupt and re-invent.

Tonje Elizabeth Aarøe on going further, looking deeper.

Develop a data-driven mindset

The data. Use it, share it, learn to love it.

Big data surfaces insights and evidence to support decisions. Here’s why leaders need to embrace it and use it.

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What we can offer you

Digital culture alignment

An effective culture enables and reinforces delivery of your digital strategy.

It’s about making decisions and behaving in ways that lead to the best outcomes. Using our model for LDCC, we help you to build a vision for your digital culture aligned to your business strategy.

Shifting the culture

Shaping cultural implementation.

Shifting culture is not a one-off event. It’s the combination of many interactions within the organisational system. We work with you to create and deliver the implementation approach. 

This includes surveys, workshops, appointment of behavioural ambassadors, toolkits for team leaders, development sessions and coaching for leaders.

Sustaining the change

Align your culture with your people.

This is all about alignment of the digital culture with your HR / people lifecycle including recruitment, induction, performance management and reward to create long-term change. It is also about regular evaluation and feedback to ensure the culture change is on track.  

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