Roadmap your new normal

A playbook of wide ranging support tools for rapid response in times of leadership challenge and rapid change

Unprecedented change demands an unprecedented response

The Change Corp’s CARE model provides a roadmap to develop your new normal; through responding to unexpected change; quickly adapting to challenging conditions; assisting you to rebuild your organisation and emerge renewed.

CARE™ is holistic and inclusive – a roadmap for strategic analysis, communication, planning and innovation to invigorate and focus leadership and engage and empower staff. It drives improved communications, builds resilient cultures and guides intelligent and agile structures through rapid, unexpected change.

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A roadmap for response, recovery and reinvention

Unforseen catalysts can appear that fundamentally undermine established business and economic models. The banking collapse of 2008 and 2020’s Covid-19 although very different have both wreaked rapid and cataclysmic change.

In the CATALYST phase we help leaders adjust their focus, concentrating on business survival and dealing with the additional commercial and human demands of sudden and unexpected change. We clear pathways to open and honest communication with your people – empathising and supporting their many varied situations.

Following the rapid reaction to stabilise after the initial shock, the ADAPT phase leverages emerging opportunities for review, planning and innovation. It offers an exceptionally rare chance to re-define purpose, vision, brand and structure.

Online coaching assists leaders to move ahead at pace, developing ideas for the reshaped organisation to come. It’s also the time for intensive customer focus, developing resilience, and continuing to build engaging online interactions with colleagues.

RECOVER is the development phase, the beginning of the return to an emerging new normal. It’s where we help leadership create the brand, culture and operating model and identify skills and behaviours to keep the organisation ahead.

Development means building these competencies in people, helping engage them back into the workplace and embedding smarter working methods.

With the customer insight-driven planning and structural development in place, EMERGE is time to take the reshaped business live, and to measure success with newly designed, leaner review cycles.

We help you ensure your leadership team can lead your transformation and build high performing teams.